Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Coats

              With the winter season on our doorsteps, I would like to talk about winter coats. From daytime to nighttime and everything in between. First and foremost lets get one thing straight, there is no one thing better to keep a person warmer then fur. Fur is very light and very warm, so if you don't want a big jacket fur is the best option, especially sheared fur.  However if you live in a rainy city, your best option is a bubble or a parka coat, these coats were made for warmth and water resistance. Another chick alternative are wool coats, they can be worn everywhere. In a wool coat one can be very professional and sleek, yet they  practical enough for some grocery shopping. Besides you can always add a fur collar for warmth.  While the fur collar gives you warmth it also gives your wool coat a new life, it can almost be unrecognizable, this is perfect for a night out. Although adding a fur collar can be great for a night out, I also LOVE nighttime coats. Ladies please do not forgot about evening coats, just like it is inappropriate to wear an evening dress with daytime shoes, its inappropriate to wear a fabulous evening ensemble with your daytime coat. Its like socks with open toe shoes, yes it can be done, but that does not make it right! 
           For evening black brocades trending today will always be a go to for one of the most luxuries evening looks, as well as embroidered wool and velvet are always a favorite. And of-course lets not forget fur once again, not only will it keep you warm in your hot little night time number, but it will keep you looking like the Diva you are! 

Winter Coats

Lanvin flower print dress
$2,490 - net-a-porter.com

REVILLON short coat


Emilio Pucci gray coat
$2,455 - stylebop.com

Fur collar coat

Moncler wrap coat

Sophie Hulme wool coat

Burberry cotton coat

Versace herringbone coat
$2,120 - net-a-porter.com

Versace velvet coat
$3,820 - net-a-porter.com

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