Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Carries Diaries

 " Sex and The City " has been a Trend starter since the beginning of time. How can we forget the huge flower pin, famously created by Carrie, or the shoes! Did some one say Monolos? Christian Louboutin? Dolce and Gabbana? And Please,  Dont forget the Fendi baggetes, and even the ever so timeless Birkin. I mean I can sit here all day and just list more and more trends , but I think you get the point or if you are a fan just like myself ,perhaps u wont even need to be reminded.
Anyway enough about the past and more into the future. Heres a Preview of the new " Sex and The City" spin off. " The Carries Diaries" set to be premiered in January on CW.
While I am still not sure about how I feel on the 80's flashback, one thing that I am conviced about is that " The Carries Diaries" will certainly continue the " Sex and The City" tradition of setting or brining back some major trends. Like the favorite of mine and so many others Indochine Restaurant.

              Enjoy the trailer, while I go make reservations before Indochine is all booked up for the rest of the century!

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