Saturday, January 28, 2012

One Skirt , 4 Different Moods

 One skirt and different days and different moods and different weather can change a whole look to an outfit.  Here are a few simple lessons on how to style the fun little skirt.

 Its cold in new york, and white is in, and finally no longer only 5 year old girls can wear white sweater tights.  Here thin lycra sweter worn with a very mini full stripe sailor skirt and lace up boot.

 For a school girl look, add a button down Ralph Lauren and wear an angora hand made sweater over the shoulders. 

 Red looks great with white and blue.  Its very patriotic don't you agree? Hand made sweater.  Lace up boots Prada.

 For a less lighter look, or for an evening, add a silk blouse, the bright magenta color brings out the purple in the navy blue of the skirt. Booties with diamond studs add a little touch of lady like glamor.

All for outfits are worn with a Ted Baker skirt.

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