Thursday, November 24, 2011

Its A Celebration

 Jacket - Elie Tahari

Shoes - Christian Louboutin

      Skirt - moschino

                       Purse - Moschino

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

Its a gorgeous day, and I have lots to be thankful for. Most of all I love that I have lots of love in my life. People whom I love and that love me back .... Since its a day of celebrating its good to dress up and feel fabulous.  Flower patters always brighten your mood, and are very feminine, witch is perfect for the holidays.  A clean white top is perfect with a very busy patter on the bottom.  And flats are great with a long skirt , no need for heels, you can be comfortable and chick at the same time.

                                                                                                      Enjoy Your Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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