Thursday, October 27, 2011

The YSL Safari Shirt

Anyone remeber this image? Its the famous Safari Shirt by Yve's Saint Lauren, this look have been revised over and over again.  


I too have my own twist on this outfit, now all I need is a riffle. 


I am wearing camel cotton spandex leggings which seem to imitate ridding pants.  My top is a simple linen button down with an attached belt and 4 safari pockets, which are identical to the YSL  Safari up top.  My chain linked necklace is huge therefore that is the only jewelry I am wearing, because I don't want to over accessorize, but to complement the safari shirt.  Red shoes are perfect with a natural color such as camel, its the little pop to the outfit. They are also this season's popular man's loafer made with a heel, which works perfect with this outfit because the whole outfit has a very male inspiration. A lighter shoe wont work.  And of course the man's felt wool fedora tops off any outfit. 

1.  Leggings -  H&M
2.  Safari Button Down - Calvin Klein
3.  Necklace - Mark Jacobs
4.  Shoes - Chloe'

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