Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pink and Black

1. Skirt - H&M
2. Blouse - Vintage
3. Shoes - Diane Von Furstenburg
4. Earnings - bought in the FIT accessories shop

I bought this long H&M skirt probably two years ago, and what I love about it is the suede leather waist band.  It makes the skirt so versatile. You can wear it with a dressy top and your look will be very formal. You can put on a  white t and your look will be very rock and roll due to the leather.  For the day time you can put on some great flats with a knitted sweater and be very warm chick and casual.  Ooo and ladies don't forget your accessories, accessories really do make the outfit. You can change the outfit and take it any place you like by what accessories you are wearing.  Accessories can also be a completely different color then what you are wearing. Like for example magenta and turquoise , the two colors actually complement each other rather then clash. And look you got on a new trend ( color blocking ) . May thing about this is to have lots of fun and enjoy yourself don't be scared to try something new.

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