Thursday, October 20, 2011

Color Blocking

Lessons on color blocking:

Color blocking is huge right now. It was seen all over the runways for the fall 2011.  To simply and quickly achieve this look put on at least two contrasting colors.  Example very bright magenta button down with yellow jeans. (Another huge trend, colorful jeans. ) I picked these lovely yellow jeans at Levis man's department only because I loved them they fit very well and well they make me happy when I am down.  It is the little bit of sunshine to a cloudy day.  As if screaming magenta and happy go lucky yellow wasn't enough I decided to finish the outfit with teal accents.  Teal and yellow are amazing together and so is magenta and teal. The three colors are completely opposite of each other, yet they compliment one another very well. Not to mention put you in a good mood. 
No one said color blocking had to be made in one piece specifically on purpose.  So don't worry no need to spend more money to follow a trend. Simply pick something out of your closet in contrasting colors and you are done!

1. Vintage blouse
2. Jeans - Levi's Man's
3. Shoes - Diane Von Furstenburg

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